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The Ritika Architect,
Ritika Architect, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India, was established by Rajendra Raj in 2001.

The firm headed by Rajendra Raj and Ishrat create a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to retail and hospitality spaces. They have in the past 10 years.

Your Vastu Designed Home will be:
Designed through the application of sacred measurements and orientations, to be resonant with
the cosmic energy matrix of the universe (God).
Flooded with healing and nourishing energies. Your life, your karmas, change for the better.
Designed with dimensions which are related to a Vastu Purusha Mandala and which are calculated for
your birth star and for all auspicious effects.
A building that vibrates with Universal Energy, not based on superstition.
Built with specific about orientation, auspicious entry, room locations, Brahmastan (sacred center),
sacred dimensions, and geometry.
Constructed with the structure and orientation which set up a vibration that either nourishes rather
than drains, or is neutral.

We are provide Architect / Interior Design / Town Planner of Landscape Design Services, Interior Design Services & Project Management Services offered by Ritika Architect

  •  Published date: January 11, 2019
  •  Modified date: January 11, 2019
  •  Region: Jharkhand
  •  City: Dhanbad
  •  Address: 301, 3rd Floor, Industry House, Bank More
  •  Phone number: 8877444477
  •  Views: 206

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